fly helicopters in europe

for european pilots – jaa program

for any pilot who wants to fly helicopters in europe, getting your jaa conversion is a must. for our students we recommend the following program for the most cost effective option:

  • complete the professional pilot program at mauna loa (this will get you all the faa certificates and ratings and prepare you to be an instructor)
  • get a job instructing on your f-1 i-20 (either at mlh or another us school).
  • during your time as an instructor enroll in the self-study program for the jaa atpl(h) or cpl(h) through caledonian advanced pilot training.
  • after you have completed your hours of instruction (generally flying to 1,000 or 1,200 hours) and you have completed the self-study position of the jaa ground school you attend the 2 week classroom consolidation course at caledonian advanced pilot training to complete your jaa ground school.
  • take the jaa written exams, fly a few hours at a jaa school to get signed off for the skill test. take the jaa skill test.
Fly Helicopters in Europe
Fly helicopters in Europe

caledonian advanced pilot training

then you are ready to enter the work force, with your faa and jaa certificates and ratings at 1,000 hours or more of flight time. cost for the jaa course through caledonian advanced pilot training is £2250 for atpl(h) or £1495 for cpl(h). for more detailed information on the self-study program for the jaa atpl(h) / cpl(h) through caledonian advanced pilot training please click here.

this jaa course was created by phil croucher, an extremely esteemed pilot and authority in the helicopter industry.  phil is an experienced helicopter pilot and well known author, he is the author of the first atpl(h) course to be approved by uk caa under jar fcl. phil is a crm instructor and runs crm courses around the country. phil’s company caledonian advanced pilot training is based at wycombe air park.